Consultancy Services

Our comprehensive consultancy and advice services include:

Development Site Surveys and Reports

We can assist at all stages of the design, planning and development process in accordance with BS5837:2012. The information you may require will depend on the nature of the development proposal and the stage of the design and planning process.
Typically this involves one or more of the following:

  • Preliminary Tree Survey and Constraints Plan to inform feasibility and design options.
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Tree Protection Plan to be submitted with the planning application to demonstrate that any implications to the trees on or adjacent to the site have been fully considered and addressed.
  • Arboricultural Method Statement often required by the local authority as a condition of planning consent, but may also be included with the planning application.
  • Site supervision, advice and inspection reports carried out for duration of the construction process.
Arboricultural Consultancy Bristol

Tree Condition Surveys

Landowners have a legal duty of care to prevent foreseeable harm or damage occurring from trees on their land. We can undertake inspections and surveys of your trees to assess their health and condition. If appropriate we will provide recommendations for remedial work in order to minimise any risk to people and property. A tree condition survey may involve a single tree in a back garden or a comprehensive survey of large tree populations.

Tree Risk Management Strategies for Landowners

We can assist owners of larger tree populations in the development of a management strategy to promote the long term health, safety and diversity of their tree stock.

An effective management strategy will provide a reasonable, proportionate and defendable system to reduce the risk from trees, whilst minimising the need for reactive or undesirable felling or pruning.

Woodland Management

We undertake woodland surveys and provide management plans as well as WGS applications.